Dr. Reichman Psychiatric services


Board Certified Psychiatrist with 25+ Years Experience

Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication Management

I provide psychiatric evaluation and, when needed, psychiatric medication management. Diagnosing a psychiatric illness is based on a patient’s psychiatric history and symptoms. This includes a history of previous psychiatric medications, as well as collateral information.

Support to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to psychiatric treatment, I help patients learn how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Much of how we feel has to do with how well we take care of ourselves. This includes sleep, exercise, diet, and social activity. Lifestyle factors are important for physical and mental health.

Counseling Referral

If I feel that some type of counseling could be helpful, and the patient is willing, I will help arrange counseling with a mental health provider. This may include individual, group, family, couples, or substance abuse counseling.

Coordinate Care with Mental Health Providers

Some patients are involved in some type of counseling. When needed, I will collaborate with therapists or counselors. With a patient’s permission, I communicate with the counselors to provide more thorough care.